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URAAPA was formed in October 1988 and incorporated in December 1988. Members are academic, administrative and out-of-scope retirees. URAAPA's mission is to protect and to further the financial and other interests of its members.

The University of Regina Retirees Legacy Scholarship
2024 Scholarship Nomination Package

The University of Regina Retirees Legacy Scholarship was established in response to a request from the university's "Vision 20/20" fund raising campaign in 1993. The Legacy Scholarship as conceived and developed by URAAPA is unique in a number of interesting ways. It may well be the only scholarship of its size that is administered by retirees, is funded by them, and is awarded in the student's penultimate under-graduate year. Students do not apply themselves, instead candidates are nominated by current university faculty members, with an eye to the student's potential for graduate studies. This presents a faculty member with an opportunity to demonstrate confidence in a deserving student with a nomination for the Legacy Scholarship. Former recipients of this award are eligible for consideration for a second award to provide support for their first year of graduate studies at the University of Regina. Fifty seven scholarships with a total dollar amount of $325,000 have been awarded to-date from the Retirees Legacy Fund, which is a separate fund within the University Endowment Fund. The first award was made in 1996.

URAAPA is a member of the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada CURAC/ARUCC